Oreo Is Bringing Back Their Ultimate Dunking Kits!

When it comes to dunking an Oreo, it really is an Olympic sport because you have to get the perfect cookie to milk dunking ratio. If you dunk it for too long, it's going to break and fall into your glass of milk or you could do it for too little of time and it's not quite ready yet. Well you might remember how Oreo released the Oreo dunking kits last year so that you can have the perfect dunking ratio every time. Well, Walmart is bringing the kits back again this year because they know what the people want!

The dunking kit comes with 13 cookies, two glass mugs, two special tongs for your dipping needs, two cookie dispensers, and even napkins! You can find the Oreo dunking kits at Walmart starting on November 1st for $17.98. Are you going to buy this?

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