Signs you may be gas-lighting your kids!


Gaslighting someone you’re dating is terrible, but did you realize parents could also be guilty of doing it to their children?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological and emotional abuse, in which a person tries to get power over someone by making them think they are crazy or off, and some parents may not be realizing that they are guilty of doing that with their children. And the effects can be awful, leaving children insecure, bitter, anxious and even aggressive.

So, how do you know if you’re gaslighting your child? Well, according to experts, here are six clues:

  • You exaggerate ever conflict– No matter how small an issue may be you fly off the handle and react badly, which makes it hard for your kid to make sense of your anger. This could result in your child keeping things from you, or they could start lying out of fear you may fly off the handle.
  • A meter maid is more flexible than you– You must be in control at all times that you never allow for any change in your household routine, which could lead you to get angry at your child if they don’t comply.
  • You mock your kids’ behaviors– If you start mocking your child’s behavior to try and prove a point, it will leave likely leave them more confused.
  • You over assert your power– At some point your child is going to start making some decisions on their own, which will challenge your control, so you take steps to make sure they get the message they are helpless without your aid.
  • You insist you know your children better than they know themselves– You trivialize how your kid is feeling because you think you know better, which makes them doubt their true feelings.
  • You never apologize to your kid– God forbid you’re wrong you’d never dare say you’re sorry because that would be relinquishing some power over your child. You will typically wait however long it takes for your kid to come apologize, even if they aren’t in the wrong.

Source:She Knows

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