Americans have LOTS of shopping regrets - aka - buyer's remorse!

While shopping can certainly feel good while we’re doing it, a lot of folks may not necessarily be happy with their purchases once the bills come in, and it seems shopping regret is a big thing for a lot of people.

A new survey finds:

The average person regrets over $2,000 worth of purchases each year.

The average American spends $202.34 a month on unnecessary items, which translates to $2,429.16 a year.

76% of Americans admit they are guilty of making impulse purchases.

It takes about nine hours for the average person to regret an impulse buy.

Some folks are so guilty about their purchases, that 59% have actually hidden the cost of the items from other people.

What’s more, 56% have hidden purchases from family and friends because they were embarrassed.

And it seems the Internet is a big cause of a lot of these regrettable purchases. IN fact, 64% of people are convinced they’d save a lot of money if they stopped online shopping, with the average person saving $103.55 a month if they stopped shopping on the Internet.

When it comes to those impulse buys, there are definite items that tend to fall in that category, with “clothing I don’t need” topping the list (49%).

Other top impulse buys people regret include:

Ordering in food/drinks (39%)

Big ticket technology (37%)

Shoes (35%)

Small ticket technology (35%)

Vacations (34%)

Video games (32%)

Loaning/giving money (32%)

Fad item (31%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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