Tom Brady Splits His Pants During 'The Match'

Tom Brady played miserable golf for six-plus holes during “The Match” on Sunday, but the four-time Super Bowl MVP came roaring back just as many people were giving up on him.

After spraying the ball all over the course and looking completely overmatched, Brady holed out for birdie with an incredible approach shot on the 7th. The shot didn’t look lucky either. It took two hops on the green and spun beautifully into the hole.

How excited was Brady? So excited that he appeared to split his pants right down the seam while bending over the retrieve his ball from the cup.

Brady had quickly become a laughing stock before dunking that shot. At one point during the TNT broadcast, Charles Barkley offered to donate $50,000 to charity if Brady hit a green on a par-3. Brady missed badly. Four-time major champion Brooks Koepka then said he would donate $100,000 if Brady made a par on the front nine, and the chances of that happening looked slim for a while.

Koepka was happy to put up the $100K after Brady’s amazing shot, and he offered the 42-year-old a chance to double it.

Brady was so bad for the first several holes that even Sean Paytonruthlessly trolled him on social media. The hole out for birdie could not have come at a better time. Apparently it is unwise to count Brady out even on the golf course.

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